Sixth Form Alumni: David Hedley


I chose an Apprenticeship over University as I wanted to do software development. I felt the experience in the role was more important than book learning. I also wanted to dive straight into the world of work because I had already decided exactly what I wanted to do which differs to some of my friends who are going to University as they are still unsure and one degree can lead to multiple career paths. Originally the job I got offered was a Level 3 Apprenticeship, I got the Job due to the fact I had applied for a different apprenticeship through EMA training.

I am currently really enjoying my work life for several reasons, the first being that I am doing a job I enjoy. I like writing code and solving problems and I am learning something new every day. Another reason is that the company is great and really supportive. It is a family run business and they do some really good work making websites, some of which I have already been involved in which are currently live. My bosses are really supportive and have moved me up to a level 4 Apprenticeship and have said they would fully support me to do a level 5 afterwards, which made me very happy as after around 4 years I will have an equivalent qualification as if I went to Uni but I will have 4 years more experience than other graduates which is invaluable in my field.

David Hedley (2013–2020); A Levels: Physics, Computer Science, Maths