Sixth Form Alumni: Danielle White


What first encouraged you/attracted you to think about applying to Cambridge?

I went on a residential trip in July run by Murray Edwards and I really liked the campus/vibe and the talks given.


How did you prepare for applying to Cambridge over time?  

I read a few of the books suggested for incoming students, I did past papers for my admissions assessment and listened to the news a lot more to increase my awareness of current affairs.


Can you describe what it was like actually being interviewed at Cambridge? 

It was a lot more relaxed than I expected, the waiting room was full of students who were really friendly and it calmed my nerves. I had an hour assessment beforehand with some questions and I had to talk about them in the interview. In the other interview I was just given maths questions and asked to attempt them (thinking out loud). It was all about my subject and was quite an enjoyable experience.


What are you studying at Cambridge and which College? 

Economics at Fitzwilliam College


Danielle White – Friesland 2013-2020 

A Levels: Chemistry, Maths, Psychology, Extended Project Qualification