Sixth Form Alumni: Brett and Scott Staniland


Looking back to ten years ago, we realised some of our most enjoyed times were at Friesland Sixth Form.

Both of us were very strong at the practical side of sports and so partnered this with the scientific subjects whilst at sixth form. Working in this field felt like the natural progression from playing part-time sport and so sixth form set us up well to do that. We both completed Sports Therapy degrees and then Masters degrees in Strength and Conditioning, and Scott went on to become the VP of sport and wellbeing at the University.

The teachers and staff at Friesland not only set us up on the right academic pathway, but also allowed us to understand the other opportunities that arise from developing skills and expanding knowledge and experience in other areas. Something we doubt we would have explored had it not been for the guidance and support from the staff at Friesland.

At University we both captained successful first teams, won national titles, honours presented by the chancellor and have left a legacy at the institutions. During this time, we were scouted to work in the fashion industry and have since been the face of campaigns for the likes of Giorgio Armani and TM Lewin. We have lived in various other cities such as Madrid, San Francisco and Delhi. Now, we work across multiple industries, Brett is completing a PhD in public health and has presented research at the world’s leading symposiums and congress’, whilst still working as a model and brand advocate across the fashion industry. Scott, worked as a brand manager and has since gone on to work in creative direction in the sustainability space, again alongside modelling and brand ambassadorships. Despite multiple career pathways, we are still regular features at fashion weeks, throughout Europe, featured in Vogue and GQ, and travel for work in all our roles.

These approaches to our career and our interpersonal skills were developed during our time at Friesland Sixth Form, with motivating and supportive staff (such as Mr York and Mr Patterson), who provided us with the tools we needed to be successful alongside our A-Level subjects.

Brett & Scott Staniland