Remote Learning FAQ’s


Thank you very much for taking part in our recent survey about the remote learning experience and our handling of this closure period. Your feedback is extremely valuable and will help us to review and adapt our procedures as required.

Below, we have addressed some of the comments and questions that came up frequently:

1) Would it be possible for all lessons to be ‘live’ lessons?
Our policy for remote learning at Friesland is to take a more blended approach. Research and findings from OFSTED, the DFE and the EEF all support the idea that both live and pre-recorded lessons are equally as effective. Students should receive a mix of both ‘live’ lessons, pre-recorded lesson and Powerpoints with voice recordings, across their week. This means lessons are more varied for students and teachers and is also more flexible, meaning if devices are being shared in the home, pupils can access the learning when it is convenient for them and their families. This blended approach also means that students are not permanently expected to be at a screen – meaning they can take breaks to exercise and enjoy the fresh air as needed.

2) My child does not always receive feedback for the work they are doing and feels demotivated. How can this be improved?
Our teaching staff are doing their best to respond as often as possible. Teaching staff are usually available during the working day, and will give feedback and support during the allocated lesson. More substantial work will be marked and comments given as soon as possible. On some days each week, our teaching staff are in school to monitor those students who are currently attending. This means feedback to individuals at home may be delayed on these days. If there are certain subject areas where you feel additional feedback or support is needed, please email the Head of department – or email ‘Enquiries’, with the name of the department you wish it to be sent to.

3) My child is working for 5 hours a day and not getting through all of the work. How should we prioritise?
No one should be spending more than 5 hours on the work – just do as much as you can in the designated lesson slot on the timetable. If your child is struggling to keep up or complete all of the work on a given day, please do not worry. Our staff are very aware this is a challenging time and it is about doing what is reasonable and manageable at home.

4) My child is struggling with motivation at home and has fallen behind with their work
If your child has fallen behind, please reassure them and ask that they carry on from the current work and not feel pressured to go back and fill in all gaps – this would become unmanageable. If you feel you need further advice on managing workload, please contact the Head of year in the first instance.

We would like to thank you for all of your support and your positive feedback. Some of the lovely comments we have received are below:

“The remote learning resources being set are excellent and a very creative/diverse range of media used which I cannot fault… The pre-recorded video lessons are really helpful and can clarify exactly what is expected. Feedback on work done is so helpful so I know how my child is doing…Nearly all teachers have given feedback on work very quickly which is really helpful in order to support home schooling. Thankyou teachers.”

“We feel the messages, newsletters and correspondence from school has been very supportive. We also realise and appreciate all the work school and teachers are doing. It must be incredibly stressful having to revert to online teaching with very minimal notice whilst still having to plan lessons, send out interesting tasks and engage the children.”

“The lessons have been great. The more my children have fed back to teachers the more support they’ve got.”

“Communication from school has been great, really helpful to have this honest, practical and positive approach.”

“I have been very happy with what has been provided at such a challenging time. My daughter has been engaged and is happy with what she is doing. Thank you for everything you are doing as a team – it is very much appreciated.”