Pastoral Support

At Friesland School, we are passionate about supporting each and every child within the school to be the very best they can. We recognise that students have very different life experiences and we are always on hand to support students as and when necessary. The form tutors and the pastoral support team work hard to help children be happy, safe and confident in school, and ensure that they have a clear voice. The team also work hard to ensure equality of opportunity for all students.

Pastoral Support Team

  • Mr M Slaney – Head of Year 7
  • Mr J York – Head of Year 8
  • Miss N Belgrich – Head of Year 9
  • Mrs C Reynolds/Mrs C Johnstone – Head of Year 10
  • Mr L Edwards – Head of Year 11
  • Mr M Puddy – Director of Sixth Form
  • Mrs L Carr – Head of Year 12
  • Mrs H Pitman – Head of Year 13
  • Mrs C Collishaw – Pastoral Support Assistant
  • Mrs J Throup – Pastoral Support Assistant
  • Mrs S McKay – Pastoral Support Assistant
  • Ms J Edwards – Mental Health Support
  • Mrs C Bowman – Senior Family Welfare Officer
    • Role of the Pastoral Support Team

      • Support student wellbeing
      • Support student attendance
      • Celebrate achievement
      • Support student behaviour
      • Encourage student achievement