Google Classroom

Google for Education provide a range of online applications including Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Drive and Docs that are being used to provide an online classroom, cloud storage for everyone and complete a range of tools that can be used to complete tasks digitally. These applications are available on many devices (including PC’s, Macs, tablets and smartphones) and will aid them in their education and improve their overall digital literacy.

To find out more about Google Classroom please see:

Logging in to and using Google Classroom

Students will be taught how to use Google Classroom in their Computer Science/ICT lessons in the first few weeks at Friesland School, however, should anyone need more information about how to do something in particular outside of school hours then Google provide a complete guide on how access and use Google Classroom here: Google Classroom for Students


Each subject will have a class on Google Classroom for their students where all of the work can be found. Most students will be given a class code so they can access these classes but students can also be invited into the class by their teacher. If your child is missing one of these subject classes, they should contact the teacher of the missing group for a code or an invite.


Students can find all of their set homework on Google Classroom, within the relevant subject class that students are enrolled onto. Not all homework will need to be completed digitally however, and this will be clearly communicated in the homework itself.

If a homework has been set by a technology based lesson, Computer Science for example, the teacher will ensure there are tasks for all that do not require a digital device.

Homework set by a teacher will labelled as such so not to confuse with subjects that are using Google Classroom for in school tasks. Homework will have a due date which will enable students to use the To-Do function in Google Classroom to find a list of homework they have to complete together with when they are all due for submission. Once a piece of homework has been completed, students should hand-in this assignment to remove it from their To-Do list.

Does having Gmail mean my son/daughter has access to email?

Yes, all students have access to email. Students receive lessons on email etiquette in Y7, and whilst all email is not monitored, all emails are archived and can be searched should there be any complaint about misuse.

Email is provided so that students can communicate with their teachers and fellow pupils about their work. Any misuse of this will be taken seriously.

Access for all

We are aware that not all students have access to a computer at home, but there are plenty of places and times where students can access a PC in school outside of lessons. For example, computers are available to work on at breaks and lunchtimes in the library and Computer Science rooms and after school homework clubs.

How we use Google Apps for Education

All departments use Google Classroom for the setting of homework, but some departments may may use it to:

  • Aid with assessment and feedback
  • Share resources such as websites and videos
  • Provide an area to discuss and collaborate on projects
  • Share notices and important dates
  • Flip the classroom (a practice whereby students research and read in preparation for the next lesson)
  • Communicate with their teachers.


Some students may forget their usernames or passwords until they are familiar with logging in. If this is the case, the student should go to their Form Tutor, their Computer Science teacher when they are in their lesson or the IT office to get their password reset. It is also worth noting that no one other than the student in school has access to their password and the staff listed above can only reset their password.

For students using their mobile devices to access Google Classroom with the downloadable app, students should check that they are logged in with their account and not their personal Google account. If they try to access Google Classroom with their personal account, they will not see any of their classes or work.

If students have issues inputting a classroom code that will enable them to access a particular class, then the student should see their subject teacher.

Parental Involvement

We believe parents have an important role to play with homework and understand that parents want to be involved. Each parent will receive an email during the first half term with an invite to sign up for Guardian Summary access to Google Classroom. If the invite is accepted, parents will receive daily/weekly emails with what work their children have been set in each subject. This process is further explained here: Google Classroom for Parents and Guardians

Google does not provide access for Parents/Carers other than the Guardian Summary, so if you want to see exactly what your child has been doing, we suggest logging in with your son/daughter and looking through their homework with them. This way, you can see exactly what they see and be involved in what they do.