DofE Award Achievements 2021


Before and during the pandemic, students at Friesland have been participating in the DofE award. It has been a sad time for the award scheme with the recent passing of the patron and founder, the Duke of Edinburgh. However, what a legacy the Duke leaves behind as the award scheme is now in its 65th year and we have been running DofE in the school for the last 6 years. The school’s DofE manager Mr Stanley is also celebrating this year as this will be his 30th year working with the DofE.

We celebrate this year with the following Year 10 and Year 11 students who have achieved their adapted DofE Award ‘Certificate of Achievement’. From Year 10 we have Josie Durrant, Isla Higgins, Kyna Love, Minnie-May Padley, James Pavier, Eve Shepherd and Nicholas Sklavenas. In Year 11 Chloe Johnson, Owen Prince and Tom Prince have also achieved their award. Congratulations to you all.

As we all begin to rise from the pandemic hopefully we can resume normal expeditions soon! From September we will be expanding the DofE team giving more opportunities for students to participate in the scheme within the school. For those students that are in still in the process of completing their Bronze and Silver Awards, once each section is completed get your assessor to complete the assessor report and then we can approve your awards for your certificate of completion.