Covid Information & Updates


As Friesland has now been fully reopened for four weeks, I thought I’d write with a few updates and some information regarding the rest of the year.

I realise that most of my correspondence, since becoming Headteacher, has been regarding the virus as the safe re-opening of Friesland has been such a priority for us. I believe that we have demonstrated the plan is working, and that Friesland is a safe learning environment. Thus, I plan to start to focus more on other aspects of school life from now on. In saying that, I do just have a couple of points to make:

  • There remains some confusion around what to do with self-isolation or symptoms, to help with that I attach a document for your assistance that has been produced by Derbyshire
  • Some students have expressed concern as to why there are staff in PPE walking around school all day; they are our extra cleaners who are ensuring that commonly touched surfaces are sanitised regularly. It is nothing to worry about!
  • Thank you to all of the students for wearing their masks and sanitising their hands, it is making a real difference in school and helping to keep everyone safe

So, to move on from virus information and inform you of other things happening at Friesland:

  • I attach the term dates and INSET days for 2021/22, I know this seems a long way away but it is always best to be aware in advance.
  • All of our departments have been implementing a ‘catch up plan’ over the past 4 weeks, assessing where students are after lockdown and supporting with any gaps in knowledge or understanding. From Monday we will start to launch our whole school catch up plan, which will comprise a variety of strategies to support our students. Before half term, I will publish this full plan on the Friesland website.
  • For parents in Y11, I attach a document with the current details on how courses have changed in the run up to the exams this summer. This information is subject to further change, however, as exam boards continue to make decisions on what is fair and appropriate for each subject. We still do not know the exact dates of the exams this summer, but I believe they will be pushed a few weeks later than normal. As soon as we know definitively I will let everyone know.

As always, thank you for your continued support as we all continue to do our best for our young people in difficult circumstances. By continuing to work together as a community, we will overcome the challenges we face and ensure that Friesland, and its students, continue to thrive.

Yours sincerely

Craig Patterson