About Friesland

Progress for All

At Friesland we strive for students to become successful young people who enjoy their learning and make exceptional progress in a challenging, yet supportive, environment. We endeavour to ensure students become confident, creative young people who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. We actively promote citizenship in order to encourage students to be respectful citizens, who are able to make a positive contribution to both the local and wider society.

We are an inclusive school with a culture of high achievement for all students. We allow all students to progress, irrelevant of their starting point or individual need. Celebrating students’ success is integral to our ethos; students are rewarded for academic success but also for upholding the value of the school. At Friesland School, students are given the time and space to grow and mature academically, socially and creatively.

Achieving Success

Friesland School has a culture of excellence in all aspects of our curriculum; academic life, social relationships, careers and further education guidance and extra-curricular activities.

All of our students are entitled to:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum that allows students of all abilities to reach their full potential
  • Assessment and feedback that is appropriate to their needs and ability
  • Equal opportunities for personal development, care, guidance and support

Care and Guidance

We pride ourselves on the quality of care and guidance we offer all of our students. There is a strong sense of community amongst our students, who always support each other to achieve their potential. We have high expectations of our students regarding their attendance, effort and conduct in school and we support our students to enable them to succeed. We expect students to be tolerant to others at all times and we actively promote anti-bullying regularly as a school. Our students’ well-being is of paramount importance and is key to all of our decision making. We provide bespoke support for pupils, wherever this is required, to ensure their individual needs are met.