Results Days/Enrolment/Start to next term

Reminder – AS results can be collected on the 17th August and GCSE results on the 24th August. You can enrol for September or discuss your position with Mr Puddy on 17 th , 18 th , 24 th , 25 th August. If it is impossible to enrol during these times but your results/predictions mean that you are able to continue, you can enrol on September 4th.

Term begins on September 5th with registration at 8.25 am, PHSE period 1 and 'normal' lessons period 2. We hope that you have a fabulous break.

Sixth Form Introduction
Mr Puddy
Director of Friesland Sixth Form

Friesland School Sixth Form has an excellent reputation for the academic and pastoral support and guidance that it offers its students. Consequently we have a proud track record of students making very strong progress with us.

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Sixth Form Prospectus
Sixth Form Application Form
Sixth Form Options

To find out more about the subjects we offer in the sixth form, from A-Levels to BTECs, please open this page.  This page also shows the option blocks that students choose their subjects from

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Support and Guidance

At Friesland Sixth Form we pride ourselves on the support and guidance that we offer to every student and we regularly update this based on each students specific needs and developments in the educational system.

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Trips and Extra Curricular

At Friesland Sixth Form we have many additional educational activities from university visits to a traditional summer day out to Blackpool.  To see what we have done so far…

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