What’s on in Performing Arts – May 2015

May already?! Another month at Friesland has flown by, but Performing Arts still have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks!

Miss Spalton

Here’s what’s been happening this half term

Friesland School played host to the Erewash Dance Festival 2015 back in April. Organised by the Erewash School Sport Partnership, host Rhian Lilley (Partnership Development Manager) was hugely impressed with the level of performance and dedication that students had put into their performances. The morning saw local primary and junior schools showcase the routines they had been working on, as well as our fantastic Friesland students demonstrating what can be achieved if the younger dancers were to study Dance at GCSE and A Level.

Mrs York had a fun afternoon with the Year 4 students at Firfield Primary School learning all about the digestive system through dance and drama! The Year 3 and 4 students at Ashbrook will finish their Greek dance next week too… lots of moves to remember, but they are doing really well!

Rehearsals for ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ are now in full swing! Nearly 100 students auditioned for parts in the show from Year 7, 8 and 9 and everybody has been given a role to play. We believe taking part is the important bit so the whole experience should be a lot of fun. The show is being performed to primary schools before going live in the evenings to a public audience from Wed 15th – Fri 17th July. Roald Dahl’s story is very well-known, but we are creating all sorts of extra characters to give it a much more modern twist. For example, each of the three nasty farmers has a wife who is as bad as they are! There are also some pretty funky dance routines coming up! Tickets will go on sale a couple of weeks before the show dates and given the size of the cast they will sell fast, so make sure you get yours quickly. Remember, we only stage shows in Performing Arts for Friesland students and families to see, so come and support the show.

Our Media department very much enjoyed hosting another fantastic Oscars evening in the Performing Arts Centre. The 2015 Friesland Film Academy Awards were a great success; the amazing number of film nominees from which to choose the eventual winners made for a tough decision for our judges. Details of the winners can be found here. Thank you to all who attended for your support!

Our talented A level students have been kept busy across a number of departments this month. Mr Rosling’s music technology cohort have been producing their own studio recordings of famous popular songs, as well as some ‘banging’ House floor stompers! Year 12 drama students impressed with their scripted pieces during the public performance last week and more crucially, during their unit 2 examination. The pieces performed were full of variety and included ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, ‘Once a Catholic’ by Mary O’Malley and ‘Pool No Water’ by Mark Ravenhill. A huge well done to all of the groups; I myself thoroughly enjoyed watching each performance, having not seen any of the rehearsal process.

On a final note, congratulations to our students in year 8 and year 9 who have completed their LAMDA drama examinations in April. Speaking as someone who was there on the day, all students conducted themselves extremely professionally and the examiner was very impressed with the obvious effort that had gone into the preparation. Fingers crossed… the examination results should reach us sometime soon and we can find out just how fantastically you have all done!

Looking ahead to next half term

Year 5 students from our local primary schools (Cloudside, Draycott, Risley, Redhill, Harrington, Longmoor, Ashbrook and Firfield) are looking forward to visiting Friesland after the May half term to take part in a dance, music and drama workshop led by members of the department. The morning will also give their parents the opportunity to tour the school and it promises to be an enjoyable experience as they learn; a street dance, how to mix and make music using Garageband and begin to discover the “5 C’s” of drama; confidence, communication, co-operation, creativity and concentration.

Our year 10 GCSE drama groups are inching their way further towards their first practical drama examination that will take place during the third week back after half term.  All are working hard during lessons, in addition to commitments with after school rehearsals, and the progression of the pieces/the different interpretation of the same stimulus is exciting to witness!

The music department have been working extremely hard with our brilliant year 7 students in preparation for Singfest 2015, which is due to take place next Thursday in the Performing Arts Centre. Head judge Mr Monk, together with support from Mr and Mrs York, as well as Mr Cleaver complete our panel of judges this year. Year 7 form groups have been working towards the performance of a chosen popular song which is to be performed to a backing track and with accompanying dance moves! Forms F, R, I, E, S, L A and N will battle it out during period 5 in order to impress our judges and be crowned Singfest champions for 2015. How exciting!

Finally, auditions for the Summer Music Concert are due to take place on Monday 18th May after school; please see Miss Beckett in the Performing Arts office for a time slot/any additional information