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  • La Experiencia Valenciana

    La Experiencia Valenciana

    El sábado el 7 de Julio 2018, the first Valencia trip for Friesland students in year 10 got underway. We flew from East Midlands Airport ...

  • Christmas arrives early for Ladycross children!

    Christmas arrives early for Ladycross children!

    Friesland Sixth Form students held their annual Christmas Party for Ladycross Infants, providing a feast of fun and festive spirit. Party ...

  • Sixth Form Taster Day

    Sixth Form Taster Day

    Year 11 students from Friesland and a range of other schools were given the opportunity to sample taster lessons in a range of subjects to ...

  • Performing Arts does London 2018!

    Performing Arts does London 2018!

    Following the success of our inaugural Performing Arts trip to London last year, we returned in November for two more days of theatre and ...

  • Lea Green November 2018

    Lea Green November 2018

    As soon as we returned from the October half term holiday, it was time for another two days away from school for 75 year 8 students as it ...

  • 2018 Winter Music Concert

    2018 Winter Music Concert

    This year’s winter music concert was one of our biggest to date, with 26 different acts performing to a packed audience. There was a wide ...

  • Performing arts students entertain at Treetops

    Performing arts students entertain at Treetops

    At the start of December, a small group of performing arts students popped down the road to Treetops Hospice, to provide some entertainment ...

  • American Exchange 2018

    American Exchange 2018

    The American Exchange trip took place in October with students and staff travelling to Philadelphia. Students get to stay with an American ...